How to lose weight without side effects?

How to lose weight without side effects?

Spanish nutritionist Raquel Capel shared the secrets of healthy nutrition.

According to the expert, to lose weight, you need to follow only eight rules. And they are not connected with a low-calorie diet which many adhere to lose weight.

  1. Choose fresh seasonal products. Such vegetables and fruits will fully saturate the body.
  2. Form a well-structured meal plan. It will help you understand how many foods you need to eat per day to lose weight.
  3. Add a source of protein of high biological value to dishes. For example, these are seafood, fish, meat (red and white), eggs, and beans. They will help you stay full longer and add diversity to the menu.
  4. Add complex carbohydrates to meals during the main meals, and alternate them with each other. These are potatoes or sweet potatoes, whole grains (rice, pasta, etc.), beans, etc.
  5. Reduce the number of deep-processing products. Such products do not saturate but only increase appetite. Raquel Kapel recommends giving up baking, breakfast cereals, and everything like that.
  6. Add sources of high-quality fats to the menu. These are unrefined olive oil, avocado, nuts (can also be consumed ground or in a paste), and dark chocolate.
  7. Eat slowly, chewing thoroughly. The specialist notes that it also matters for weight loss. It is even better to put aside all gadgets for lunch.
  8. Eat healthy sweets. For example, if you want some dessert, you can take natural yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, kefir, cheese, and other products.

Raquel Kapel adds that after all these rules become familiar, it will be possible to make an individual meal plan and be sure to include regular sports in your life.

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How to lose weight?