Weight Loss Guarantee!

Weight Loss Guarantee!

Man is naturally lazy, very weak, and dependent on his habits.

Let’s be honest, you want to lose weight, but at the same time you don’t want to take responsibility for your result, hoping to get guarantees from “magic” remedies (there are a lot of them on the market ” it’s your money.”)

Food Journal

To lose weight, you need to eat less than you lose. The dependence is not so linear, but it is suitable for our purposes.

If you eat 1500 kcal and expend 2500 kcal – you lose weight. If a person does not suffer from sufficiently specific diseases, it is for him.

So, it is simple: we weigh everything we eat, count calories, if they are less than we expend, we lose weight.

This begs the question:

And is everything possible to eat? And what about before going to bed? And separate meals?

If you are healthy, you can eat everything.

Important conditions for weight loss

The good news is that there aren’t any. I eat with a calorie deficit, keep a food journal carefully, weigh myself in the morning and that’s all. There are no special dishes, you can eat any healthy food, you can eat before going to bed until 18.00. For health and tone, we add moderate sports.


Food scales. Body scales. Keeping a food journal.

That’s all. It is enough to lose weight effectively.


You can eat everything, but since you’re engaged in your nutrition, why not make it healthier? My wife and I included a lot of greens in the diet, we added cod liver and seaweed regularly.

I like healthy eating and I want to form a food habit this way. Gradually, it will happen, you believe yourself.


Only a person who wants to be healthy can give a guarantee to himself, for this he takes responsibility for himself by following the recommendations on this site!

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