What will help delay aging?
How to delay aging with training?
How to delay aging with training? Scientists consider that regular physical activity can delay the development of about 40 types of chronic diseases. It is especially important to
How to lose weight?
Wrong healthy lifestyle: Dr. Pavlov’s opinion
food for a healthy lifestyle, harm to fructose, harm to a healthy lifestyle
The endocrinologist gave some useful tips for those who want to keep fit and have a beautiful figure. Nuts are good. The doctor advises eating them for breakfast
How to lose weight?
Magnesium against calcification. Part 5
body calcification and magnesium, magnesium for health, digestion, and magnesium
Magnesium can change the age-related degenerative calcification of our body structure, and it will help us rejuvenate. Young women, children, and most infants have soft body structures and
How to lose weight?
Magnesium supplements or food with it? Part 4.
foods with magnesium, the benefits of magnesium, the harm of magnesium, magnesium deficiency
All the experts we interviewed were unanimous on this issue. Why should you take magnesium supplements at all in the absence of a deficiency, if there are so
How to lose weight?
Types of magnesium. Part 3
Types of magnesium. Part 3
Magnesium supplements are available in tablets, powder, solutions, capsules, and even chewing gum. But in this case, it is not the form that matters but the content. Dosage.
How to lose weight?
Magnesium: medical use. Part 2.
The logic of using magnesium in medicine is based on two principles
The logic of using magnesium in medicine is based on two principles. If you have a deficiency, you must fill it to eliminate the risk of complications. Magnesium
How to lose weight?
Magnesium: should you take it or not? Part 1.
You cannot resist the magic of magnesiummagnesium, magnesium chloride, health benefits of magnesium
You cannot resist the magic of magnesium. It is taken by the author of the “Four-hour Work Week” Tim Ferriss – for sleep, the anti-aging fighter Peter Attia
How to lose weight?
How to Get in the Habit of Drinking Water
how to drink water correctly, water for health, the habit of drinking water
Everyone knows about the benefits of clean water. But what to do if you cannot drink not the required eight, but even a couple of glasses? Determine the
How to lose weight?
Foods for Super Sex!
super sex, food for sex, libido, stamina, healthy sex
MEN’S HEALTH RULES With our grocery basket, even banal sex with two women will bring you almost as much pleasure as football. Avicenna also claimed (if not, Hippocrates
How to lose weight?
Eating vs. an erection!
junk food harm, libido, erection, sex
Scientists call them “libido killers,” and superstitious people even bypass the rows with them in supermarkets. And we are not talking about garlic (although for obvious reasons it
How to lose weight?