How to lose weight overnight?

How to lose weight overnight?

If you get the question right, you can speed up your metabolism and reduce your body mass index.

There is good news for dessert lovers: to lose weight, it is impossible to refuse sweets! We give details.

More chocolate – less weight

According to the study results in which 15 thousand volunteers took part, people who regularly eat sweets and chocolate are less likely to be obese, they have a lower body mass index and a more active metabolism than those who refuse sweets altogether. Moreover, chocolate lovers on average have a 14 % lower risk of hypertension and a 15 % lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

Why does it happen? Researchers consider that it’s all about stress, or rather, its absence. If sweetness is forbidden, we feel uncomfortable, and our bodies are stressed. As a result, sooner or later we will eat the forbidden candy anyway, but instead of benefit, we will get an extra portion of cortisol, which harms both the figure and health. Researchers consider that it is much more useful to allow yourself, sweets, every day, but a little bit.

How to eat sweets to lose weight?

There are a few simple rules, observing which, you can lose weight without denying yourself your favorite sweets.

The daily share of sweets should not exceed 10 % of the daily diet. So, if you try to eat no more than 2000 calories a day, candy or a chocolate bar “has” no more than 200 ones. Not so little, by the way.

It is best to choose desserts with a high cocoa content and a small amount of sugar.

And it is better to eat dessert in the morning when our metabolism is especially active.

In no case you should replace a dessert with a meal or a snack — it is best to eat it after breakfast or lunch.

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How to lose weight?