7 unusual weight loss lifehacks

7 unusual weight loss lifehacks

Even long forks and mirrors in the dining room will help with excess weight.

In the gambling game called weight loss, we often lose. Food manufacturers spend millions searching for the right colors, flavors smell, and packaging so that we can eat as much of their products as possible. But there is also good news: brain researchers are on your side. In recent years, they have discovered several tricks that will help to satisfy hunger in the bud. Limit overeating with the evidence-based strategies listed below.

  • Clean up your kitchen

A cluttered kitchen has more disadvantages than you think. Scientists say that people who have an unorganized kitchen are more likely to reach for an unhealthy snack and eat an average of 100 calories more than those who use a neat kitchen.

  • Hang a mirror in the dining room

People like junk food less when they eat in front of a mirror. As a result, they stop eating earlier. People who choose healthier foods present themselves better, and they like to eat vegetables more. Your reflection in the mirror seems to hold you responsible for your choice. A healthy choice causes positive emotions.

  • Buy food for cash

Do not buy products by card. The time it takes you to get money out of your wallet may make you reconsider your purchase. Parting with physical money prevents many impulsive purchases. Another tip: go to the supermarket with a basket, not with a shopping cart. This way you make fewer spontaneous purchases.

  • Use dim light

Dim lighting during a meal relieves stress, encourages conversations, and lifts the mood. And you will eat less: eating in dim light, you will spend more time and consume 18% fewer calories than if you eat in bright light.

  • Be careful with the militants

Eating in front of the TV is allowed if there is no action movie on it. When we watch action games, our appetite increases. It is also noticed that in the cinema, viewers of sad films eat 28-55 % more popcorn than those who watch comedy.

  • Use a long fork

People who use short cutlery tend to eat more food. Elegant dishes will make you eat slower and less, and you will get more pleasure from the process.

  • Look for color contrast

White sauce on top of white pasta on a white plate is not the best combination. When the food color and the plate contrast with each other, you have more control over how much you eat. You can also use plates with a blue border, for example. In such dishes, the portions seem larger.

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