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Perhaps it will help you get closer to the goal.

Weight loss expert Dr. Adrienne Edim has been studying ways to get rid of excess weight for many years. But she noticed that often weight loss programs are not so effective. They benefit only for a short time.

One unusual tip from an expert who wants to change the approach of most women to weight loss.

Start by thinking

What do you do first when you want to change your weight? Are you starting to give up sugar or processed carbohydrates, or are you increasing the amount of exercise?

Dr. Yudin considers that you should work on the setup first if you want to reach your target weight (and then maintain it). Without proper thinking (to cope with the process, ups, and downs, weakening motivation, negative internal dialogue, and all other psychological barriers), we cannot support the necessary changes that will lead to a healthy weight.

First, determine why you want to change your weight. To feel better, live a long and happy life, or get more energy? Returning to this motivation frequently will help you stay inspired and make changes based on self-love. Write down all these reasons. You can stick with reminders of your “why” in a prominent place.

But if your reasons are more related to the fact that you do not love your body or because someone told you that you should do it, you will not achieve what you want. Even if you lose weight, it will not be enough for you. After all, the problem is psychological. First of all, you need to love yourself and your body.


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How to lose weight?