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How to lose weight reducing?

How to lose weight reducing?

Do not starve, do not give up carbohydrates, do not go on diets: you will like these prohibitions.

  • Do not give up carbohydrates

Despite that in some cases, a complete rejection of carbohydrates and partial replacement of them with fats helps to lose weight, a complete rejection of them is not the best idea. The fact is that the metabolites formed as a result of carbohydrate metabolism are necessary for the processing of fats. If you completely give up carbohydrates, at some point the body simply will not be able to burn fat. And for what is all the suffering?

  • Do not deprive yourself of sweets

Sugar is not as scary as its ultra-refined form — exactly what we get when we eat foods with added sugars. So, an excellent solution would be to refuse or at least strongly reduction of products with added sugar, but the natural one contained in fruits or dairy products is not only not harmful, but also necessary for our body. After all, glucose is the source of energy for the brain.

  • No extreme diets!

They work, but not for long and badly. A really strict diet will allow you to lose a little weight — but the effect will be short-lived. And the worst thing is that extreme diets always affect the metabolism: in the best case, the dropped kilograms will simply return after a while. At worst— you may need the help of an endocrinologist and long-term work on restoring metabolism.

  • Do not drink sugary drinks

The most harmful and dangerous for health is not food, but drinks. Sweet carbonated drinks are very dangerous for health and figure: one liter of Coca-Cola contains 16 teaspoons of sugar — it’s too much. And drinks in which sugar is replaced with sweeteners are not much better. Studies have repeatedly confirmed the link between the use of such drinks and a higher risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as some forms of cancer.

  • Don’t go on a diet, but change your eating habits

Nutritionists say that the best diet is one that you can withstand without experiencing stress. The most effective one won’t be of any use if you break it down in a week. The point is not to limit yourself in nutrition for a while, and then return to your old habits — only the restructuring of the entire diet and eating habits works.

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How to lose weight?