Fast food. Is it an infection?

Fast food. Is it an infection?

Unhealthy diet. French fries, chips, chocolate – if we eat it too much, the body begins to lack important nutrients. As a result, basic processes, including the immune system work, can no longer be carried out optimally, and a person becomes more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

Researchers from Bonn University confirmed it in a study. Their data suggest that the immune system reacts to nutrition with high fat and calorie content as to a bacterial infection. Such a reaction can have dramatic consequences: for example, dramatically accelerating the development of vascular diseases or type 2 diabetes.

Americans love fast food. Because of it, some Americans not only suffer from obesity but also pancreatic cancer and other stomach-related diseases. But you always need to understand that the rich of America eats right, and in general, if you are thin, it is a sign of prosperity.

Many people in America are gradually changing American food to classic homemade food.

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