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Obesity and risk factors of stroke!

Obesity and risk factors of stroke!

Every year millions of people face strokes, and doctors manage to help many of them. But it is better not to bring this pathological condition at all and prevent it.

The sooner we detect a stroke, the more chances we have to see a doctor in time. If you notice that you or your relatives have speech problems and difficulties with understanding, paralysis of the limbs begins, there is a decrease in vision in one or both eyes, there are problems with walking, and it is accompanied by a severe headache, urgently call an ambulance. But here we are already talking about a stroke, and the effectiveness of treatment depends on how fast we get to the hospital. It is easier not to allow it at all, and for it, you should be aware of the risk factors for stroke.

One of the basic ones is high blood pressure. A sedentary lifestyle also provokes many cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. Its risk is affected by obesity, alcohol abuse, and smoking. Keep track of not only blood pressure, but also cholesterol. Diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and family heredity also increase the risk of stroke.

Acute violation of cerebral circulation can lead to disability, which is both temporary and permanent. With an ischemic stroke caused by blood clots in the vessels, the probability of full recovery is much higher. But with hemorrhagic stroke caused by hemorrhages in the brain, the risk of irreversible paralysis is maximum. And such a patient will need outside help for the rest of his life.

That is why it is so important to control blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and other health indicators, take all medications prescribed by doctors, and never forget about preventive examinations.

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