How to Get in the Habit of Drinking Water

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Everyone knows about the benefits of clean water. But what to do if you cannot drink not the required eight, but even a couple of glasses?

  • Determine the goal

It may seem too obvious, but you need to know the goal by sight. You should not just decide your head but visualize it. Pour the required amount of liquid into a large container or glass jar and place it in a prominent place.

Always start small. If you never drink clean water at all, preferring coffee, tea, and soft drinks, set a goal to start drinking at least one glass of liquid. Every subsequent day, add one more glass to the container until you reach the level recommended by experts.

  • Add flavor

Some people find it difficult to drink clean water because it is tasteless. It is easy to solve this problem by adding slices of fruit, several berries, mint leaves, rosemary, or basil to the liquid.

Such a drink will not only delight you with taste but also bring health benefits. Together with additional ingredients, you will get a decent supply of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

To prepare fruit water, you can use a regular jug/glass jar or purchase special containers with a mesh insert. Put the ingredients into it, and they will give their juice and flavor to the water, but the pulp, peel, and seeds will not get into the liquid.

  • Reduce the temperature

It is much more pleasant to drink cool and cold water than warm. Especially in the summer, when it gets very hot outside. And the drink with ice looks much nicer.

And you can solve two problems at once by adding frozen berries instead of the usual ice. They will cool the water and improve its taste.

  • Use a straw

Surprisingly, but it is a fact, some people, drinking water from a glass quickly, have a gag reflex. If it is also difficult for you to drink like this, get special straws. Through them, the liquid leaves at a phenomenal speed without causing any inconvenience.

  • Take water with you

Make it a rule to take a bottle of clean water with you wherever you go – to work, to the gym, to meet friends, or even on a date.

It disciplines. Since you carry a container with you, you will have to drink from it from time to time, otherwise, why burden yourself with a foreign object?

Moreover, manufacturers offer a huge number of all kinds of drinking glasses – with a built-in tube, an insert for fruits and berries that keep them cold, etc. You can match the accessory in size, material, and color to any of your handbags and carry it with you, filling it with a new portion of clean water if necessary.

  • Install the app

Constantly forget to drink water? You can solve memory problems by installing a special app on a phone – there are hundreds of such now. The program will help you control the amount of liquid and will give you signals when it’s time to drink another glass.

You can also share your results via social networks with family and friends. Moreover, you can participate in marathons and competitions often organized by members of such communities.

  • Fill out the calendar

If you cannot download the app to your phone, use the built-in calendar function (it is available in almost all new and old models).

Set several reminders at different times of the day – preferably in between meals. You can even specify in them the exact volume of water you need to drink. So, you can accurately calculate the amount of liquid that you consumed during the day.

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