How to reduce the biological age?

How to reduce the biological age?

According to a German cardiologist, one of the secrets to slowing down aging and reducing biological age lies in nutrition.

The famous German cardiologist Martin Halle shared the method of reducing biological age in an interview with Focus. He stated that a person’s susceptibility to aging is affected by how he eats. If food contributes to an increase in cholesterol, it can lead to the hardening of blood vessels. Food that increases sugar contributes to the destruction of the protective layer of blood vessels and fat accumulation.

Martin Halle says that deterioration of the vascular system, its tissues, epithelium, and its tendency to atherosclerosis are some of the most significant factors influencing the rate of biological aging of the body. It is because, in damaged vessels, substances that activate inflammation are released into the blood.

In turn, the cardiologist states that maintaining blood vessels in good shape may be the secret to reducing biological age. In this case, the body retains youthfulness due to the saturation of useful trace elements, since “elasticity and openness of blood vessels help to supply all cells of the body with nutrients” with minimal physical activity.

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