Thyme is the herb of the gods!

Thyme is the herb of the gods!

Health drink: unforgettable taste, charming aroma, and colossal benefits!

Thyme is also called a garden herb. This unique plant has been known to people since time immemorial. It is appreciated mainly for its unique aroma and strongest medicinal properties.

Thyme belongs to the thyme genus, which has more than 200 species. Its official name is “thyme creeping”. It is a low shrub with bright mauve flowers.

Thyme has bactericidal, wound healing, analgesic, expectorant, broncho-dilating, anthelmintic, and many other properties. It also normalizes metabolism, which is important for people who monitor their weight.

Thyme tea is often called “slimming tea” because it can suppress appetite, contains valuable nutrients, and helps not to overeat between meals.

Thyme tea

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of thyme tea: it is a real cocktail of vitamins, and essential oils, tannins, and acids.

Thyme is popular not only in folk medicine but also in official medicine. Doctors advise tea with dried inflorescences of the plant to use for insomnia. It also effectively relieves pain with rheumatism and arthritis. This plant is widely used for various lung diseases: asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, and tracheitis.

Thyme drinks

It’s worth starting with a small amount to track your reactions to thyme. You can drink one cup of tea with this plant per day for 14 days (for 0.5 liters of water, no more than ½ teaspoon of dry grass with your favorite green or black tea). In other cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use.

Recipe No. 1.

In 1/4 tbsp. of water, pour 1 tsp. of dry thyme. Bring to a boil and let it brew for 10 minutes. Pour into a cup, a fraction of boiling water, wait for another 5-7 minutes, and strain. Fragrant tea is ready!

Recipe No. 2.

Put 3 tsp. of black tea and 2 tsp. of dried thyme in a teapot, pour boiling water and let it brew. Add sugar or honey to taste.

Recipe No. 3.

Mix thyme with mint and oregano in equal proportions. Put 1 tbsp. of this mixture in a teapot, pour boiling water, and let it brew. Such a drink is an ambulance for neuroses, insomnia, mood swings, and increased fatigue.

Due to the high content of thymol, doctors do not recommend it to people with gastritis, stomach ulcer, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes. Pregnant women and children should consume thyme-based beverages only after consulting with a doctor to clarify the dosage.

Once you have tasted thyme tea, you will love it forever! This drink is suitable for any time of the year. In summer, it refreshes, and in winter, it warms with a honey aroma.

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