What will help delay aging?

How to delay aging with training?

Scientists consider that regular physical activity can delay the development of about 40 types of chronic diseases. It is especially important to keep fit after the age of 30, as from this age a person begins to lose from 0.5 to 1 % of muscle per year.

How to train to delay aging

Nathan Lebrasser, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, said that the best way to protect yourself from aging factors is to exercise. He explained that training activates the mechanisms that are necessary for DNA repair. At the same time, any activity, even an ordinary walk, will be useful.

Cardio, of course, has a positive effect on health, but such exercises are not enough. You need to dilute them with strength training. In this case, your muscle mass will be restored, obesity will decrease, and metabolism will accelerate.

The benefits of strength training after 40 years

Such physical activity helps:

  • improve the brain functioning and cardiovascular system
  • strengthen bones, joints, and ligaments
  • increase the body’s endurance
  • build muscle mass
  • rejuvenate the hormonal composition
  • strengthen the immune system and nervous system
  • reduce depression and anxiety
  • normalize blood pressure
  • lose weight

All these benefits are available when eating healthy foods that contain enough vitamins and trace elements. With a lack of trace elements, you can easily replenish them with ionic magnesium chloride.

What exercises you should do

Running and walking are some of the simplest exercises that do not require additional equipment, so they are available to most people. It will be optimal to practice two or three times a week for 60-150 minutes. However, it is not necessary to exhaust the body, it is better to focus on the condition

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