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Stress and gluttony!

Stress and gluttony!

Because of the uncertainty in keeping a job, the high unemployment, and the non-functioning health insurance system, life in the United States is becoming more and more nervous, and studies show a strong link between stress and obesity. People who are under severe stress may resort to overeating and gluttony.

According to writer Jeremiah Jacques, most food companies’ tendency to genetically modify, process, and improve food only works to “deprive natural food of many nutrients.”

The main factor provoking an increase in the level of obesity is the total amount of added sugar consumed by young and elderly people. Foods such as lemonades, cookies, cakes, energy drinks, ice cream, and cereals are the biggest sources of added sugar in the average American diet.

The doctor replies: “Overweight people tend to have hypertension, often without even knowing it. And it, in combination with excess weight, affects blood circulation in the lung tissue in a certain way, on intra-thoracic pressure. So, with a coronavirus infection complication, especially with a cytokine storm, such patients have the cardiovascular system working very hard, with great difficulty.”

The doctor explains that overweight people have the receptors functioning in a special way through which the virus enters the body. It can also contribute to the severe course of the disease. In any case, obesity is considered a risk factor!

According to scientists, obesity in terms of its health burden is one of the aging forms, which implies an earlier onset of chronic diseases. At the genetic level, overweight people have the effect of shortening telomeres, they also have mitochondrial dysfunction, systemic inflammation, and weakening of the immune system reactions. Experts concluded that obese people are more susceptible to infections.

To lose pounds, you need to become thin in your head. As many experts consider, excess weight is a psychological rather than a physical illness. To lose weight is exactly a means to overcome your desires for the sake of fulfilling your dreams.

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How to lose weight?