Wrong healthy lifestyle: Dr. Pavlov’s opinion

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The endocrinologist gave some useful tips for those who want to keep fit and have a beautiful figure.

The nuts are good. The doctor advises eating them for breakfast but not getting carried away.

Zukhra Pavlova is a well-known endocrinologist and scientific director of the Clinic of Systemic Medicine. In her Telegram, she gave some useful tips for those who want to keep fit and have a beautiful figure. She also told what people who have recently led a healthy lifestyle usually “undermine”.

“If you ask me what is more important for maintaining good shape – food or physical activity – I will answer: of course, food. But a healthy body is always a comprehensive approach. With the training, you will not just have a beautiful figure on the scales but also a well-developed muscle mass. It means that the body will not be thin but slim, which means healthy. But 90 % of success depends on food, and a wrong diet can even spoil all the benefits of good physical activity. If you limit calories and at the same time observe the balance of proteins-fats-carbohydrates, you can sooner or later come to a good figure. And sports can greatly accelerate this path,” the candidate of medical sciences writes.

Dr. Zukhra Pavlova listed the mistakes of her patients who led a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Orange (or any other) juice in the morning. If you start breakfast with this drink, you will immediately get an overdose of fructose. Fructose is a sugar that causes a hunger attack after a short time and contributes to fat accumulation.

The expert notes that you should be more careful with fruits. She gave an example of the case of a 26-year-old patient who, with a height of 161, weighed only 45 kg, and to increase the percentage of body fat, she began to work hard with apples and other fruits. As a result, the girl gained four kilograms, almost all of them pure fat.

  1. Unbalanced food. For example, you eat only cottage cheese or drink “empty” kefir. For long saturation, the body must receive both proteins, fats, and carbohydrates at one time. So, you need to add vegetables or a piece of bread for cottage cheese and kefir (protein). Then the feeling of satiety will be fuller, and it will last for a long time.
  2. Excess fat. The most striking example is nuts. They are very useful; you must eat them. Ideally, for breakfast, 1-2-3 pieces of several varieties. But we cannot stop…

The endocrinologist noted that she does not understand at all how a modern person has fried bacon on his menu for breakfast. According to her, “it is just a bomb in the content of glycation end products, which give a huge blow to our youth and health.

“Just imagine – a person can process about 15 thousand units of CNG per day. And there are 97 thousand such units in 100 g of fried bacon,” she explained.

Pavlova drew attention that there is “no bread and sweets” in her list because everyone already knows that you cannot lean on them and try to avoid them.

“So be careful with fruits, watch out for fats, and eat as balanced as possible,” the expert summed up.

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