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FOOD – 7-day budget meal plan

7-day budget meal plan FOOD

28 simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a healthy diet

You can swap dishes, but the main thing – is not to eat all this with cake and beer.

Day 1

Breakfast: scrambled eggs. Fry it with spinach, onions, and mushrooms.

Why: Eat high-quality protein for breakfast, and not carbohydrates, for example, sandwiches and cereals.

Lunch: chicken salad

Breast, romaine lettuce, spinach, avocado, apple with olive oil, and vinegar.

Why: olive oil contains a lot of the substance elemental – it fights inflammatory processes in the muscles that you load to rid your mighty torso of fat.

Snack: shrimp with avocado puree

Why: these crustaceans are low in calories and high in protein. Avocados are rich in potassium, which your muscles need to get back to normal after the gym.

Dinner: beef stew with spinach and cauliflower

Why: Protein is full not only in beef but also in green spinach leaves. This pair will also supply you with iron.

Day 2

Breakfast: salmon with vegetables

Fry the salmon, squash, and onion chopped into small pieces in grapeseed oil.

Why: This traditional English breakfast has a lot of unsaturated fats – both satisfying, and there is no “bad” cholesterol, which increases the secretion of hormones responsible for fat storage.

Lunch: tuna salad

As well as spinach, avocado and olive oil, and vinegar dressing.

Why: Tuna has little fat, but a lot of protein. Avocado is also useful with a large number of unsaturated fats.

Snack: dried beef, walnuts, and apple

Why: The antioxidants in walnuts help your body recover quickly after exhausting workouts.

Dinner: beef curry

Fried pieces of beef, coconut or almond milk, carrots, onions, spinach, mushrooms, and a lot of curries and chili pepper.

Why: Chile is full of capsaicin – an alkaloid that not only gives pepper sharpness but also suppresses the process of creating fat reserves by the body.

Day 3

Breakfast: scrambled eggs. Fry it with pieces of salmon, squash, onions, and mushrooms.

Why: Squashes and onions are full of vitamin C, which helps the body fight inflammatory processes in muscles overworked by training.

Lunch: taco salad

Fry ground beef, chopped romaine lettuce, spinach, and avocado, and mix and season the composition with salsa sauce.

Why: Low in calories, high in protein, healthy unsaturated fatty acids, and capsaicin in spicy salsa.

Snack: tuna, carrot sticks, avocado puree

Why: You already know everything about tuna and avocado. The carrot sticks dipped in avocado puree are full of beta-carotene involved in the synthesis of testosterone. You need the male hormone both for building muscle mass and fat burning.

Dinner: salmon. Fried in grapeseed oil with brussels sprouts.

Why: There is a sea of unsaturated fats in the first part of the equation. The second contains a lot of vitamin C. 100 g of brussels sprouts contains the daily norm of this vitamin.

Day 4

Breakfast: Turkey omelet

Mix boiled chopped turkey with spinach, tomatoes, and champignons.

Why: Turkey is one of the fat-poor protein sources on our list.

Lunch: rolls with meat filling

Prepare a filling of fried beef and turkey, chopped fresh avocado, carrots, and cucumber. Season it with chili and wrap it in romaine lettuce leaves.

Why: A healthy and delicious substitute for Armenian lavash rolls and filling seasoned with mayonnaise.

Snack: tuna and avocado with carrot and celery sticks

Why: There is only 16 kcal in 100 g of celery stalks, and 41 kcal in 100 g of carrots. Fats – zero. These vegetables will fill your stomach, and tuna will give you protein.

Dinner: burger with beef without bread

Fry the minced meat patty, as for a burger, and then wrap it in a romaine lettuce leaf along with fresh tomatoes and onions. Put boiled asparagus on a plate next to it.

Why: As you probably already realized, today in the morning we are fighting with your longing for fast food and harmful snacks.

Day 5

Breakfast: sausages with cabbage

Fry chicken sausages with red cabbage and mushrooms in grape seed oil.

Why: Grapeseed oil reduces appetite; it consists of 15-20% oleic acid, involved in the production of a hormone that causes a feeling of satiety.

Lunch: salmon salad

Salmon slice, romaine lettuce, spinach, olive oil, and vinegar dressing.

Why: Salmon, among other things, is full of vitamin D, which helps your body get rid of subcutaneous fat – exactly the one that prevents fans from enjoying the chiseled relief of your muscles.

Snack: raw pumpkin with pieces of roasted turkey

Why: Turkey has a lot of protein and selenium, which is necessary for your body for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which is also responsible for fat metabolism.

Dinner: pumpkin with meat

Braised pumpkin with minced beef bolognese sauce and romaine lettuce.

Why: Pumpkin has a lot of vitamin A and healthy fiber, and calories are low. In a duet with beef, it will saturate you without giving fat deposits the slightest chance.

Day 6

Breakfast: vegetable casserole with eggs

Mix two raw eggs with finely chopped bell pepper and green onion, add chili, and bake this mixture in the oven.

Why: The substances contained in red bell pepper inhibit the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, involved in the creation of fat deposits.

Lunch: salad with turkey and roast beef

Poultry fillet, roast beef, hard-boiled eggs, romaine lettuce, spinach, olive oil, and vinegar dressing.

Why: Three different protein sources provide a rich assortment of amino acids for your muscles. Plus, your body will have to spend a lot of energy to assimilate this mixture.

Snack: slices of steak with corn

Why: The main advantage of corn is its low-calorie content combined with a large amount of dietary fiber. Such a side dish helps easier to lose weight more than to get fat.

Dinner: beef chili

Fry the pieces of meat, and then add mushrooms, chili peppers, onions, and carrots to them and put them out.

Why: We replaced some of the meat with mushrooms, because they are rich in protein and satisfy hunger well, but contain fewer calories.

Day 7

Breakfast: shrimp salad

King prawns, romaine lettuce, spinach, avocado, and olive oil dressed with vinegar.

Why: The shrimp’s fleshy body is rich in isoleucine, leucine, and valine, which help your body lose as little muscle mass as possible when you limit your calorie intake.

Lunch: chicken fillet

Marinate the pieces of poultry in a mixture of cayenne pepper and olive oil, and then fry.

Why: If you have been cooking for yourself for six days using this cheat sheet, then you do not need to explain the benefits of chicken, olive oil, and hot pepper for fat burning.

Snack: chicken breast with raw pumpkin

Why: Classic athletes’ protein and carbohydrates combined with dietary fiber. Great food for recovery after the gym.

Dinner: beef curry

Fried pieces of meat, almond/coconut milk, carrots, onions, spinach, and mushrooms, as well as a lot of curries and chili pepper.

Why: Yes, we repeat. But there is not much curry in the diet of a stubborn fat burner. Protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, and capsaicin – in what other dishes do they occur simultaneously and so harmoniously?

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