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Top 5 weight loss mistakes

Top 5 weight loss mistakes

To seriously and permanently get rid of extra pounds, you should follow simple rules.

What not to do if you still cherish the dream of losing weight?

Do not believe in magic pills, because of which you will become a trembling doe without any effort in just a couple of weeks. There are no miracles. So, a healthy diet and exercise should become your constant companions.

Don’t make yourself faint with hunger. Two apples a day and lots of water will only lead to depression, which makes you eventually begin to eat everything in sight in a semi-conscious state. And you will hate yourself even more for it. So, there should be at least five meals a day, just very temperate. For example, eat half as much as you have eaten so far. And without pies and burgers, washed down with sweet soda.

In advance, a lost cause is to lose weight by some date. Through incredible efforts, you will be able to lose a couple of kilograms, but guess how quickly they will return to you? That’s right, it will be the very next day after that most important event. And it will not even be two dropped kilograms, but plus two ones to them, because it will be very difficult to stop after a forced diet.

Don’t build Napoleonic plans to conquer the world in ten days to reset too much during this period. Again, according to the principle, the sooner it is gone, the sooner it will return, and you will get everything back as soon as you loosen your tight control over yourself.

Patience and patience again. If you have been doing sports for four whole days and are diligently counting calories at lunch, looking sadly at sweets, and the weight is in one place, it does not mean that nothing will help you anymore and you can start eating bread rolls again. Processes have already started inside you, it’s just not noticeable yet. So, persistently follow the intended goal, and everything will work!

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