Body positivity: the killer?

the killer: Body positivity:?

Common sense has finally returned to fashion. But every good idea can be brought to the ultimate absurdity. What sounded like “accept and love your body” suddenly came down to “be fat and proud of it.” A body positivity based on the idea that you can live and be happy in the world if you are snub-nosed, freckled, with “wings” on your butt, stretch marks on your stomach, have congenital features or have been the victim of an accident, turned into the propaganda of obesity. The fat women put their hands on their hips and said, “we are good, we ate, we eat and we will eat whatever we want, and those who don’t like +125 of our extra kilos are anorexic and the enemy of body positivity.”

Becoming full is easy. Getting fat is even easier. I know from personal experience, as since childhood I have been prone to fatness. And I also loved, and still love to eat delicious food. But my body is not a dump. And it is also not storage and a carrier of heavy loads (joints will be grateful to you). I have a heart. Excessive loads are harmful to it. I have veins that can respond to me with varicose if I force them to endure + 25 extra kilos. I have vessels that are clogged because they have nothing to breathe under a layer of excess fat. I don’t want to be fat because I want to be healthy and I live long. It is impossible to cover improper nutrition and a sedentary, lazy, lifestyle with body positivity. And throw a half-eaten hamburger or a fried chicken wing at me. It’s better to throw them at me than immerse them in your body.

Obesity cripples and kills a huge number of people. Be smarter, and love your healthy body and soul.

Let’s not be nice. Having +5 extra kg is not a tragedy but having +50 extra kilos is like carrying another person. Hating yourself for it is pointless.

To love and accept yourself – yes, it helps. But it is necessary to lose weight at the same time. Not because it is ugly or someone condemns it, but just because it is necessary for health. For your health.

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