How to lose weight from your thighs?

image/png How to lose weight from your thighs?

There are several real reasons why a person cannot lose weight, although he understands he needs to do it.

  • The first reason is the “jamming” of stress. Women have a sense of guilt added to it when they begin to think that they are not worthy of a beautiful female body.


To get rid of addiction, you need to understand what preceded the period when you started to get fat. It is also important to separate real physical hunger from a psychological one. You need to understand that there should be a four-hour break between meals.


  • The second reason for completeness is also psychological. A person is afraid of change, and excess weight serves as a psychological armor for him. The woman does not understand how she will communicate with colleagues who are used to seeing her full. The same goes for relatives. So, it is necessary to understand what exactly a person wants in life.


  • The third reason is also psychological. It is conditioned by the desire to obey parents from childhood. If Mom says finish it, you have to finish it. “Refusal to eat or a radical change in eating habits is associated in the subconscious with the fear of losing love,” the publication reports.


  • The fourth reason is a genetic predisposition to fullness. It is important to know experienced nutritionists and endocrinologists who can help.


  • The fifth reason is the desire to “rebel” against the standards of slimness. It is important to limit yourself to portions.


  • The sixth reason is the need for happiness. A person experiences endorphin hunger, he lacks emotions. That’s why he drags everything into his mouth. In this case, psychologists advise you to find other activities that also bring a feeling of happiness.
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How to lose weight?