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Magnesium against calcification. Part 5

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Young women, children, and most infants have soft body structures and smooth skin with low calcium and high magnesium content in their cells and soft tissues. It is the biochemistry of youth.

As we age, especially older men and postmenopausal women, we become more and more inflexible. The arteries harden, causing arteriosclerosis, and the skeletal system calcifies to cause stiffness at the fusion of the spine and joints, kidneys, and other organs and glands, which are increasingly calcified and harden to form stones. Calcification in the eyes causes cataracts, and even the skin hardens and becomes stiff and wrinkled. So, calcium is in the same league as oxygen and free radicals, while magnesium works together with hydrogen and antioxidants to keep our body soft.

The gynecologist reported that one of the first organs for calcification is the ovaries. It leads to premenstrual tension. When he moved his patients to a high level of magnesium intake, their PMT disappeared, and they felt and looked much younger. Most of these women said they lost weight, increased their energy, felt less depressed, and enjoyed sex again much more than before. For men, it is equally useful for problems associated with an enlarged prostate gland. Symptoms usually disappear after taking magnesium chloride.

It has also been shown that increasing magnesium intake is an effective way to prevent or dissolve kidney stones and gallstones. The last one is best combined with high lecithin intake.

Activation of digestive enzymes and bile production, as well as assistance in restoring healthy intestinal flora, may be factors that make magnesium chloride so useful in normalizing our digestive processes. It reduces any discomfort in the digestive tract, bloating, and unpleasant stool odors. It corresponds to the reduction of all unpleasant body odors, including the smell of armpits and legs.

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