The doctor called the super benefits of garlic.

The doctor called the super benefits of garlic.

The doctor debunked a common myth about a fragrant root vegetable.

Garlic has long been attributed to magical properties in the fight against evil spirits. Especially, according to unconfirmed reports, vampires are afraid of this vegetable smell.

And in dietetics, garlic is credited with the ability to lower cholesterol levels, moreover, it is “bad”, which does not bring any benefit, but clogs the vessels with plaques and prevents normal blood circulation. As it turned out, nobody also proved this fact. Scientists specifically, as part of the experiment, began to absorb garlic on an industrial scale, while measuring cholesterol levels. Alas, nobody noticed significant changes in the composition of the blood before and after eating garlic.

The doctor shared his observation about eating garlic benefits. As it turned out, a popular doctor is engaged in weightlifting, and even participates in competitions.

So, after eating garlic before the performance, it shows more expressive results. So, a vegetable makes a person stronger.

“If I had a competition, I always ate a head of garlic. In the morning I have one-half more strength, it is serious… I just know that if I eat garlic the day before, I will feel stronger in the morning. Believe it or not.”

So, even with the dubious benefits of garlic in the fight against cholesterol, you should not abandon it. By the way, garlic contains a lot of vitamin C, and it also stimulates the immune system to fight all sorts of viruses and infections.

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