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Stroke: the doctor pointed out 2 factors that increase the risk of developing a fatal condition

factors that increase the risk

Could your daily habits become a reason for brain damage and shorten your lifespan? What if you had control are were able to eliminate or at least reduce the risks associated with the brain attack? Fortunately, you have all of this. According to Dr. Minesh Khatri, one of the biggest factors for stroke risk is smoking or chewing tobacco.

“Cigarette smoke causes accumulation of fat in the main neck artery. It also thickens the blood and increases the possibility of its clotting.”

But what if you don’t smoke?

“Even passive smoking can affect you,” Dr. Khatri added.

So, if you want to minimize the stroke risk, one of the best things to do for your health is to stay away from cigarette smoke.

“Research has proved that if you quit smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to do for good.”

Dr. Khatri also paid particular attention to how a sedentary lifestyle can increase stroke risk.

“Your ‘chances’ of having a stroke may increase if you are overweight,” Dr. Khatri confirmed. “You can lower these ‘chances’ by exercising every day. So, take a quick 30-minute walk or do muscle-strengthening exercises such as push-ups and workout with weights.”

“With an active lifestyle, you can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes,” experts at the National Health Service have confirmed.

“All of these health conditions are the stroke risk factors.”

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