How to lose weight naturally?

How to lose weight naturally?

Each of us has a slim friend, colleague, or neighbor. Before our eyes, they eat a lot and do not get fat at all. Sometimes it’s about genetics. And sometimes – it’s in very correct habits.

  1. They get enough sleep

Maybe they go to bed at 11 pm, or get up no earlier than 12, or together with the children rest after lunch. The main thing is that they do not have a chronic lack of sleep, and they do not have to make up for the lack of energy with food. And as we know, in the first place among the “energy restorers” are chocolate, cookies, and chips, from which they usually get fat quickly.

  1. They do not deny themselves the pleasures

Moreover, they find these pleasures not only in food but in various spheres of life. They go on trips (even to the surrounding towns), find time for friends (and at the same time do not sit in a cafe, but go to an ice rink, or a climbing wall, or the cinema) and have interesting hobbies (and do not think that learning to sing at 30 is shameful and stupid). When you have a lot of ways to please yourself, it is quite possible to do without desserts, and a minimum of free time for unnecessary reflection allows you not to think about whether you have gained weight or not.

  1. They don’t go on strict diets

They do not torture themselves with rigid restrictions, and so, they do not have breakdowns. Sometimes it seems that they eat too much and don’t get fat at all. On the one hand, it is so: they allow themselves to eat what they want at the moment — even cake. But since they are not going to go on a diet from Monday, they do not need to eat enough for the future today. It means that they will eat one piece and stop. Just because they don’t want any more right now.

  1. They take their time

They know how to eat and not get fat. It is necessary to eat slowly, with feeling, sense, arrangement, and certainly with pleasure. They, like us, also read that the saturation signal enters the brain about 20 minutes after you have eaten. But unlike us, they decided to apply scientific achievements in life.

  1. They know their needs

Why do many people eat and not get fat? Maybe they eat several times a day in small portions. Or they get by with three main meals. They have a big breakfast. Or they drink only a cup of black coffee in the morning and after a few hours, they remember about food. The point is that they don’t blindly follow the advice of eminent nutritionists or fitness gurus, but they understand how to eat to feel good.

  1. They only eat when they are hungry

They know how to eat and stay in shape. That’s why they don’t chew for company with friends, colleagues, or their husbands just because they are sitting next to each other at the table and they have nothing to do. For the company, they can drink water with lemon, and it is quite enough.

  1. They choose “honest” products

They know which foods make them fat quickly. So, they choose more useful alternatives. Real sugar, whole milk, cottage cheese and yogurts of normal fat content, butter — all it is much tastier than substitute products. It means that you get more pleasure even from a small portion.

  1. They like to move

They walk a lot, ski, or engage in Latin American dancing in the evenings (and not necessarily in the company of their husband). They don’t have to spend hours telling themselves it’s time to get up and go to the gym. They just found the kind of activity they like. So, they can safely afford to eat a lot and not get fat.

  1. They can cope with stress

Why don’t they get fat after severe stress? They beat a punching bag to stupefaction, meditate, use breathing techniques, and engage in art therapy. Or they just immediately tell their husband everything painful and do not keep emotions inside. Anyway, they can relieve stress not with the chocolate bar, but in other (usually more productive) ways.

  1. They know how to control themselves

Yes, it’s sad to realize it, but our weight directly depends on the number of calories consumed. And the main secret of slim women is that they know how to take control of the situation at a time when they start to get fat and notice the appearance of even one or two extra pounds. They do not relax, even when they get married, have children, or go on a gastronomic tour. Because they do not allow radical fluctuations in weight, which means that the need for strict diets or exhausting workouts disappears.

Tips on how to eat and not get fat

  • Forget about harmful sweets. Although you need to completely abandon sweets, sweet pastries, and cakes, no one forbids eating healthy sweet alternatives instead. For example, fruits and dried fruits, berries, honey, dark chocolate, and sugar-free marmalade.
  • Follow the drinking regime. Water helps to reduce hunger, speed up metabolism, and reduce weight. Women should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  • Take at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Lack of sleep can lead to overeating, which stimulates hunger due to the production of the hormone ghrelin.
  • Stop sitting on rigid diets. Not only that, they can be ineffective, but they can also lead to even more weight gain and serious health problems.
  • Be sure to have breakfast. The first meal will help to charge you with energy for the whole day and speed up your metabolism. A proper breakfast should contain proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fiber, and also amount to about 400 kcal.
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How to lose weight?