How to lose weight fast?

image/png How to lose weight fast?

The Kyusai food company conducted a study among 100 healthy Japanese people over 100 years old, asking them to record their daily diet. As a result, it showed that they all received a sufficient amount of protein from eggs, meat and fish. The Tokyo Institute for Health and Longevity Research later confirmed these data, noting that the diet of centenarians is usually rich and varied.

“Studies have shown that with a deterioration in nutrition and a decrease in its amount below a certain level, life expectancy decreases. People with a varied diet, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals, are in better physical shape, have more muscle mass, and age more slowly,” the publication says.

Protein is essential for health, as it is the “building material” for blood, muscles, organs, bones, and skin. In the body, it is broken down into amino acids, which are used to generate energy, maintain muscle mass and the immune system. Scientists advise choosing products that have good indicators for the so-called “amino acid index”: chicken, pork, beef, eggs, milk, salmon, horse mackerel, and soy.

A long life can also be predicted by the condition of the teeth. According to the Dental Association, there is a close relationship between the number of teeth and the duration of a healthy life. Studies have shown that people with strong teeth have stronger legs, break bones less often, and even suffer from dementia less often. To strengthen teeth and bones, it is advised to eat more cheese, nuts, and broccoli.

To prevent common senile diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart, and vascular diseases), it is recommended to minimize salt and sugar intake, and more often include seaweed, ivasi, and tuna in your diet. And to slow down aging — drink green tea, eat avocado and salmon fish. It is necessary to eat three times a day at the same time. And daily physical activity is an additional factor of healthy longevity.

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How to lose weight?