Can you lose weight with Intuitive Eating?

Can you lose weight with Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is food consumption out of the established connection between consciousness, body, and food, based on the desires of your body.

Intuitive eating appeared in the late 70s of the last century when Tema Weiler opened a clinic for obese people. But, unlike other similar hospitals, Green Mountain patients calmly ate pancakes with blueberries, croissants with butter, chicken in melon, and much more. And despite all this, they lost weight. Of course, the girls did sports but not exhausting activities but those that brought them pleasure and peace of mind.


And now it’s time to talk about what you can and cannot do. If you hope to find a diet of intuitive eating somewhere, you will be disappointed. None of the psychologists and doctors working on the IP methodology gives recipes for dishes or daily routines in their books. But, of course, there are basic postulates that will help you effectively change your eating behavior.

  • You can’t starve yourself. Your body should receive the required number of carbohydrates, which are processed into energy. Intuitive eating is not what you eat but how. So, you should take food when you feel hungry, not earlier and not later. Do you feel that you want to eat? Leave all your duties and eat. In no case postpone eating at the moment when you are “dying”.
  • You only need to eat what you want at the moment. Inconveniences will overtake those who prefer to cook for a few days in advance. One of the main reasons why you lose weight on IP is the opportunity to eat what you want when you want it. If you are sure that your body requires sweets (if it is not a daily desire), and you give it borscht, believe me: it will only get worse. After eating it, you will still be unhappy and will eat candy, if not in an hour, the next day in a double or triple mode for sure.
  • You can eat sweets. If your body accepts food with love and is grateful for it, you can eat it in reasonable quantities.
  • Control your feelings without eating. Do you feel anxious, bored, lonely, or maybe, on the contrary, too happy and run faster to open the refrigerator door? Before you do it, think that your problems will not disappear from them. You should separate emotions and food from each other.
  • Eat only in a pleasant place for you. Studies on intuitive eating have shown that people who eat in a beautiful, quiet environment eat much less than those who eat, for example, in a hurry at the workplace. You will also eat faster if your dish is beautifully served.
  • Training is not torment. There is no need to constantly train in army mode but it is necessary to concentrate on the sensations after sports.

Listening to your body means tracking your saturation level.

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