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Where does body fat go when you lose weight!

Where does body fat go when you lose weight!

Many people are simply obsessed with weight loss, but few of them know where and how fat and extra pounds go. It’s funny, but not all coaches know the answer to this question.

As the work of 2014 showed, even medical workers do not always know where the fat goes. And many people without special education are sure that it turns into muscles or exits through the colon. But this is wrong.

You may be surprised now, but fat turns into carbon dioxide and water. If you lose 10 kilograms of fat, exactly 8.4 kilograms will come out through the lungs, and the remaining 1.6 kilograms will turn into water. In other words, almost all the weight we lose is fizzling out.

Many people refuse to believe it, but in fact, almost everything we eat “flies away” through the lungs. All carbohydrates and almost all fats are converted into carbon dioxide and water. Protein also shares this fate, except for a small part of it. The only part of the product that enters the intestine intact is dietary fiber.

But how does this process happen? It is simple here. Fat reserves are needed by the body to restore energy levels, but fat itself is not energy, it is in chemical bonds between atoms in the fat molecule. When it disintegrates, the body “takes” this energy for itself. This process occurs during the oxidation of fat, which is when oxygen acts on the molecule, which splits it into the water and carbon dioxide.

From this, you might think that you just need to inhale deeper and more often, but it is wrong. The body is a very tricky mechanism. So, if you consume enough calories (or excess), it will not oxidize the accumulated fats. This is not affected by the amount of oxygen, but by hormones that “get” fat stored in cells. They, in turn, are signaled by the nervous system, which notices a lack of energy.

That is why the only sure ways to lose weight are physical activity and calorie deficit. If you eat normal or excess calories a day, no wraps or intervals between meals will help you. In this case, the body does not feel the need to oxidize fats.


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