Magnesium chloride 2.44 lbs

 magnesium chlorideKristallichesky Mg for compresses, applications, wrappings, baths include hand and foot, 4-chamber baths.

Action: Supply of minerals, removes inflammation, tones skin. It softens corns. It helps if the heel spur, pains and edema in joints and muscles, bruises and trauma, si pain,  si joint pain,  si joint pain relief, si joint pain treatment, si joint pain symptoms, treatment for si joint pain, sit back pain , pain in si joint, sit nerve pain ,   si joints pain, relief for si joint pain, si joint back pain, lower back pain si joint , back pain si joint , bilateral si joint pain , pain in the si joint  , si joint dysfunction pain relief, si joint lower back pain, painful si joint, si joint leg pain, si joint pain causes, si joint pain relief, si pain relief

Main application: Heating – 3.2 ml readily rubbed into the skin to be heated at the top of a salt, a hot water bottle or ozokerite for 10-15 minutes; compress – dissolved in 10-20 ml of warm water 1: 1 to saturate the fabric to make a compress and wrap for 20-30 minutes; for baths – to dissolve 100-200 ml 1-2 liters of warm water to dip your feet or hands in the bath for 15-20 minutes, pouring warn water. It is best to apply it at home in the evening.


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