It is easy to lose weight without giving up alcohol

It is easy to lose weight without giving up alcohol

And it’s not that hard.

One of the main tips for losing weight is giving up alcohol. But it is not necessary at all.

So, according to the Australian nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo, it is enough to understand how many calories an alcoholic drink contains.

Alcoholic beverages are often referred to as “empty” calories. It means that they provide your body with energy but contain very few nutrients. One can of beer contains almost 155 calories, and a glass of red wine contains 125 calories. An evening with friends and a few drinks can lead to the consumption of several hundred extra calories. The calorific value of drinks that contain other components (for example, fruit juices or carbonated drinks) may be even higher.

Among the most “dangerous” for the figure, she called cocktails and drinks containing sweet syrups and soda. A specialist advised replacing gin and tonic with gin and water. In this case, you will get 100 calories less.

The doctor also advised giving preference not to wine but to dry champagne. At the same time, she called tequila the most optimal choice — there are only 60 calories in one glass of the drink.

At the same time, Di Lorenzo reminded you should have four-five non-alcoholic days within one week.

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