How to save money on healthy foods and eat deliciously?

How to save money on healthy foods and eat deliciously?

A nutritionist says.

It is considered that “ordinary” food is cheaper than “healthy”. But it is not. Useful does not mean expensive! We share life hacks with you that will help you eat right with a limited budget.

Saving becomes the reason that people continue to eat unbalanced which harms their health.

Why is healthy eating not necessarily expensive?

According to the nutritionist, a healthy diet ensures the growth and normal development of a person, promotes health promotion, prevention of many diseases, and maintenance of normal weight. So, it should be balanced, varied, and nutritious.

Saving becomes the reason that people continue to eat unbalanced which harms their health. Yes, if you go to the healthy food department in a supermarket, you can lose your appetite from the prices of “healthy” products. But if you decide to start eating right, you don’t have to run to the best health food supermarkets for avocado, buckwheat bread, fish, and seafood.

How to save money on healthy products?

Someone often perceives starting a healthy lifestyle negatively. That is why, as compensation, we often buy more expensive products: fish, trout or salmon, if vegetables, avocado. But superfoods are often overrated and do not always carry the promised benefits. Advertising invites us to visit health food stores with huge counters and beautiful inscriptions “sugar-free”, “eco”, and “natural products”. That’s just the beautiful green packaging with happy smiling people that does not guarantee a useful product inside.

Freeze the food. The nutritionist advises stocking up on eggplants, peppers, berries, squashes, and everything that can be frozen every year. It will allow you to eat properly in winter, without increasing expenses. If it is not possible to freeze food at home, pay attention to frozen vegetables and berries in stores.

Shop at the market. The nutritionist notes that another good option is to save money on buying whole and healthy foods.

Cook at home. Cafes and restaurants of proper nutrition unreasonably inflate the prices of the menu. If we calculate how much we spend on eating out, we will get an impressive amount. But there is a way out — to cook at home. For example, smoothies, porridge with coconut milk, and toast with salmon and avocado will be much cheaper to make yourself. Plus, you determine the portion size yourself. And not every cafe has low-calorie dishes.

Replace popular products. You can easily replace popular and expensive superfoods with a budget alternative. Instead of kale cabbage, for example, buy a colored one. Replace goji berries with raspberries, which can be pre-frozen in summer. Chicken and cod are much cheaper than the advertised turkey and pollock.

Buy goods in wholesale stores. Buy products in bulk, not in branded stores. For example, buckwheat is unlikely to differ in some places of purchase. But the price varies significantly, the nutritionist says.

How to love healthy foods?

In conclusion, the expert notes: if you buy low-quality products, it will be more expensive to be treated later than to eat right. Cheap food and fast food contain harmful additives (trans fats, phosphates, cheap oils, flavor enhancers). They “undermine” the heart and blood vessels, disrupt the gastrointestinal tract, and worsen the condition of bones. The use of high-quality products is a health guarantee, and in the future, save money on visits to the doctor and the purchase of medicines.

It is much easier and cheaper to prevent diseases than to treat them. During consultations, I analyze the body state in detail with my wards, taking into account the results of their analyses. It helps to make up their meal budget-friendly and tasty in the future. With the harmonization of the diet, it is possible to reach a new level of relations with food and get rid of food addictions, which greatly “hit” our finances.

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