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Eating vs. an erection!

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Scientists call them “libido killers,” and superstitious people even bypass the rows with them in supermarkets.

And we are not talking about garlic (although for obvious reasons it is better not to eat it either).

French fries

Fried potatoes with trans fats are responsible for lowering testosterone levels and reducing blood circulation. And it is exactly the opposite of what you need for an erection. Moreover, French fries are usually richly seasoned with salt. And it negatively affects your blood pressure.

Hot dogs

Hot dogs are full of saturated fats. On the eve of such a responsible event as sex, it is better to give up any fats, especially saturated ones. They cause problems with blood circulation, but you need blood to flow to all organs evenly. Generally, it is better to exclude any junk food. After them, you will become sluggish and slow.


Sometimes people call cheese a libido killer. It can make your semen more viscous. Approximately the same effect persimmon has on saliva. Moreover, cheese causes a feeling of heaviness in people’s stomachs.

Energy drinks

A short-term release of energy fatigue, general lethargy, and nervous irritation will soon replace it. And if you accidentally drink too many energy drinks (we do not know how your dates usually go!), an overdose may occur. It can lead to a lack of coordination of movements, a wildly pounding heart, increased sweating, and “in my opinion, my girlfriend just left somewhere.”


We understand your surprise at what a date is without a couple of glasses (or even a bottle) of red, white, or, sometimes, pink. Wine liberates, and reduces internal inhibitions. Yes, it is so. But as for the other aspects of sex, it is better to refuse any kind of wine. Alcohol reduces sensitivity to touch. Besides, you probably know yourself. It is harder to achieve an erection after a few glasses than when you are sober.

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