Addiction #1. Is it stronger than cocaine addiction?

It’s well-known that if you reduce sugar consumption you may lose weight, and your smile will be beautiful and healthy. But, more often, people talk about various negative side effects when they try to eat fewer sweets. Headache, feeling of tiredness, and sharp mood swings are among them.

A study by Californian doctors has provided real evidence that sugar is addictive. Teenagers, who suffered obesity, were completely prohibited to drink a carbonated beverage. But their desire for sweets resulted in the very same symptoms, despite that their total sugar consumption decreased by 80 grams per day.

Biomedical scientist James Brown in his paper “The Conversation” tells that it is quite real to get rid of such an addiction. It’s important to endure the first few weeks and then consume sugar in moderate quantities and combine a healthy diet and physical activities.

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