7 ways to make a quick meal tasty and healthy: lose weight on sandwiches

7 ways to make a quick meal tasty and healthy: lose weight on sandwiches

You can even lose weight on sandwiches if you cook them properly!

The fastest, simplest, and, according to nutritionists, the most harmful food is a sandwich. Who among us has not attached a piece of meat between two slices of bread, waving away thoughts of possible gastritis – “nothing will happen at one time.” Now we will add a few more – from nutrition experts so that sandwiches bring only pleasure and no harm!

Choose the right bread

If you use whole-grain bread as a base, you will get a portion of slow carbohydrates – and this is useful. There is nowhere without carbohydrates, they should make up at least 25 percent of our daily diet, and whole-grain bread is a great option.

Don’t you like wholegrain bread? So let there be sourdough bread: it is especially useful for people controlling their blood sugar levels. This bread has a lower glycemic index, so, it is safer.

Or replace it with greens at all

You can make a tricky move – and use lettuce leaves or other greens instead of buns. It will make the dish less caloric, and you will get more useful fiber (we all lack it) and vitamins.

Use genuine meat

Most often, we use ready-made sausages, carbonade, ham, and other types of processed meat to make sandwiches – and it is not great. Most often, processed meat contains a lot of salt and sugar, and some preservatives used in the manufacture may be carcinogens. It is best to prepare a sandwich with genuine meat – chicken breast, lean beef, or even fish.

Add vegetables

By all means, eat vegetables – it’s healthy, simple, and delicious. Add some cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet peppers – and here there is not a sandwich, but a balanced and healthy dish. Practically dietary!

Use the sauce

Just no way not to take ready-made – it is full of hidden sugar. Hummus, guacamole, pesto, the avocado puree will give your sandwich a special taste, and if you are too lazy to mess with the sauce, add mustard – it has a lot of useful antioxidants, as well as iron, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus.

Add olive oil

First of all, it’s delicious. And, secondly, olive oil is the most affordable and easiest source of healthy unsaturated fats and especially Omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the health of our blood vessels. And if you add a crushed garlic clove to the olive oil before that, you will get just the food of the gods.

Eat a sandwich with a garnish

If you don’t like any of the above and you intend to continue eating the usual, but not very healthy sandwiches, at least prepare a garnish of fresh vegetables for them. Fresh vegetables are always good, by all means… However, it seems that we have already said it!

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